Stitches For Life

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Whether this your first time and you are just curious or are in need of help; You have come to the right location. 


We were going through the motions and honestly become roommates instead of husband and wife. Dr. Blunt helped us dig deep into our personal issues before we even dived into the marital part which helped greatly. We have grown immensely in our relationship and we’re excited to recently renew our vows!! We would recommend the Stitches service to anyone that feels they need help.

Damon & Toni L.

Words cannot explain how much I truly appreciated the Stitches Services from Dr. Jeremy L. Blunt. He really helped me mentally in a difficult time in my life. He created an environment that made me feel really comfortable to be open and transparent about sharing my life, my true feelings, and past experiences.


Dr. Blunt has a unique style that is analytically presented, with an occasional interruption of humor and dramatics, however his style is thought-provoking replica, and above all REFRESHING!

Danna G.

Stitches is a real and necessary program that should be a part of every community that is looking for a different kind of effective relationship program that emphasizes honest intervention and healing

Danna G.