President & CEO

Dr. Jeremy L. Blunt is a capital city native of Louisiana and a graduate of the East Baton Rouge School System. He is the proud father of two daughters, Kaylie and Amerie and a mentor to numerous others. Dr. Blunt is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stitches for Life Incorporated, a holistic counseling service. He is an Army veteran and a graduate of the HOPE Bible Institute where he received a Doctorate in Biblical Psychology. Jeremy is an advocate for continued education and service in the community. He has written and copyrighted stage plays and a book entitled “Stitches – Because Some Wounds Need More Than a Band-aid Cure.” Over the past decade, Jeremy has been active in offering spiritual and relationship guidance to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Dr. Blunt now serves as the Lead Adjunct Professor at the HOPE Bible Institute. Jeremy is a motivational speaker and teacher who delivers a message of self empowerment and change to audiences of all demographics.

He has worked for the Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Program for over sixteen years and considers it one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. Passion, energy, and a standard of excellence is what he feels he contributes to the program.

In addition, Dr. Blunt voluntarily serves on the ministerial staff at Heavenly Hope Ministries in Baker, Louisiana as well. Dr. Blunt serves as Vice President and one of the co-founders of the Gardere Initiative where he participates in planning and implementing programs in and around the Gardere community. He continually seeks opportunities to be an active participate in the community.

His hobbies include traveling, reading, exercising, and interacting with people.

Dr. Blunt lives by his quote, “Everything you go through in life is intended to either prepare you for something else later on in life that you will face or so you can help someone else who is going to go through something similar”.